Monday, August 20, 2012

Next Steps

Oh Belfast, what a wonderful experience.  Tonight Karl and I were presenting about our experiences in Belfast at Guernsey UPC, and I think it finally starting settling in that our time in Belfast has come to an end.  As Karl was taking his turn to speak it hit me that we are no longer there; we are no longer living on Skegoneill Ave, no longer enjoying conversations over cups of tea, no longer feeling rain on our faces each day, no longer going to Whitehouse Presbyterian and embracing members of the congregation, no longer living amongst the people of Belfast.  These realizations are probably going to continue hitting me as we transition into our next steps in life, but they will help me to form memories and reflect on what our time in Belfast meant.  These past three weeks have gone by in a blur and at times life doesn't even seem real.  But as Karl and I continue to transition into life in the States and continue to tell people about our experiences and articulate what the year meant to us and our faith, it will become more real.

Karl and I will be moving to Tucson in five days to start our next year with the YAV program in Tucson.  So, goodbye to Belfast Bulletin.  You have been a great means of sharing my thoughts about this past year, but it is time to move on to the next step.  That next step is Tucson, AZ and a new blog called Built Together In Him (  I have put up my first post at that address, so please continue to keep up with what Karl and I are doing by reading this new blog!

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  1. My name is Kathleen and I found your blog through the PC(USA) site. I'm discerning my call and think the YAV experience in N. Ireland might be part of it. Is there some way we could chat? I'd like to know all about your experience.